A recent Meranti Pergola Installation completed by the Cape Decking Team.

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Is Meranti Wood Good For Furniture?

Meranti has the straight-grain consistency which during the growth of the tress produces long, straight pieces of lumber.

The Wood of the Meranti tree has an open grain pattern which should be sanded and painted with a primer before painting with an additional coat.

Meranti Workability

Meranti is one of the most simple of all hardwoods to work with. It is relatively easy to cut and has minimal impact on blades and other cutting equipment.

Meranti Wood Pros:

Meranti has a specific measure of silica in the wood because it has a dulling impact on woodworking equipment.

Dimensionally Stable: This means that Meranti Wood holds its unique measurements when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature.

It is very resistant to warping or twisting.